How to make an Enamel Pin: From Start to Finish

April Borchelt
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*** Please Read Before Purchasing!

(Programs required: Photoshop/Illustrator)

This is an 11 part video tutorial series where I breakdown how to make an enamel pin from start to finish.

And when I mean start to finish...I mean from the initial sketch of the idea, bringing the design from photoshop to illustrator, ordering through a manufacturer, and ending with a final product all documented on video!

Videos Include:

  1. Intro
  2. Class Overview
  3. Choosing Your Pin Type
  4. Designing Your Pin (In Photoshop)
  5. Vectorizing (In Illustrator)
  6. Color Mock Up
  7. Manufacturer
  8. Finding Your Budget
  9. Receiving and Sorting Pins
  10. Packaging
  11. Conclusion

BONUS: Downloadable PDF with quick tips about enamel pin making AND a manufacturer reference with 10% off referral promo code!

Total Run Time: ~40min

These videos will be available to stream once purchased and can be watched at your own pace! You can either follow along with your own design or watch me go through the process of making the pin in the cover photo.

Before now, it seemed like the information on how to successfully create a pin was either kept extremely secret or not available at all. After successfully creating my own pins, I wanted to share all that I've learned with you! I hope this helps you create some of your own enamel pins and bring your ideas to life!

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Video Series covering how to create an enamel pin from sketch to final product with additional insight to the process.


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How to make an Enamel Pin: From Start to Finish

1 rating
I want this!